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The Christmas menu for Mirax Catering was designed to evoke the festive spirit of the season while showcasing their special holiday offerings in Norway. The goal was to create a menu that would be both inviting and functional, making it easy for clients to browse and choose from a variety of traditional and innovative Christmas dishes. The design aimed to capture the essence of Christmas through festive elements while maintaining the elegance and professionalism expected from Mirax Catering.


Adobe InDesign was chosen for this project due to its excellent layout capabilities and the ability to integrate complex designs and text seamlessly. The design process began by defining the structure of the menu, ensuring all items could be clearly displayed on a single page to avoid overwhelming the reader.

We incorporated traditional Christmas motifs, such as snowflakes, reindeer, and Christmas ornaments, to set a joyful and seasonal tone. The color scheme was selected to reflect Christmas colors subtly without detracting from the readability of the text—using whites, reds, and greens to complement the festive theme.

The typography was carefully chosen for easy readability, with elegant, simple fonts that complemented the overall design without competing with the decorative elements. Each section of the menu was clearly labeled and organized logically to facilitate easy navigation.

Graphic elements were thoughtfully placed to enhance the festive feel without overcrowding the page. The final product was a visually appealing, easy-to-read, one-page Christmas menu that perfectly balanced festive cheer with the professional image of Mirax Catering. This menu not only served as a practical tool for choosing holiday meals but also as a decorative piece that could enhance the holiday dining experience.

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