About us - Mitra Consult OÜ

About us

We are a small but fine team that has managed to turn a hobby into a favourite pastime. We have been involved in graphic design for more than 8 years and we do not intend to stop there. We are helped by a cosy office in Northern Europe, in Tallinn, coffee and exciting projects from our clients. We speak three languages, including English, Estonian and Russian, and we are learning new languages. And are not afraid to use DeepL when necessary. The average age of our team members is 30. We consider this our advantage, as we are able to understand the ideas and needs of both younger and older people. We work at a speed of 55 words per minute.

Our Vision

Our ambition is to be acknowledged as the leading design agency worldwide, celebrated for our unparalleled creativity, groundbreaking innovation, and significant impact. We are committed to collaborating closely with our clients, transforming their visions into reality and propelling business success through creative design solutions. Our joint efforts aim to forge a future where design transcends aesthetic appeal, actively solving challenges and contributing positively to our world. Embracing innovation in design, we dedicate ourselves to projects that not only captivate but also deliver tangible results, establishing impactful design for business success as our hallmark

Branding & Design

Our branding and design services blend creativity, strategic planning, and a profound understanding of both your brand and its target audience. Our experienced team of experts is committed to working alongside you to forge a unique brand identity and visual language that clearly differentiates your business from competitors. By emphasising brand identity development and creative design services, we ensure your branding resonates deeply with your audience and embodies your core values, laying a robust foundation for your brand’s success.

Research & Development

At our design agency, we hold the conviction that exceptional design originates from a deep understanding of your target audience and their requirements. This is the reason we dedicate resources to research and development, informing our design approach to guarantee that each project we embark on is underpinned by insight and strategic thinking. Our commitment to an insight-based design strategy ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of those we serve, making every endeavour a testament to the power of informed design.

Our Approach

In our design agency, we maintain that each design project deserves a unique and collective approach. Here are the methodologies we adhere to for every project:

01. Brief

We start by thoroughly understanding your project’s needs, goals, and vision. Insightful questions and close collaboration help us create a clear brief, outlining the project’s scope, timeline, and expected results for full alignment from the start.

02. Research

Upon brief completion, we delve into deep research to fully understand your target audience, industry, and competitors. This phase informs our design process, allowing us to make informed, data-driven creative decisions.

03. Creation

With a solid understanding of your needs and audience, we launch the creative phase. Our team develops various design concepts reflecting your vision, which we refine together based on your feedback to select the optimal concept.