About us - Mitra Consult OÜ

About us

We are a small but fine team that has managed to turn a hobby into a favourite pastime. We have been involved in graphic design for more than 8 years and we do not intend to stop there. We are helped by a cosy office in Northern Europe, in Tallinn, coffee and exciting projects from our clients. We speak three languages, including English, Estonian and Russian, and we are learning new languages. And are not afraid to use DeepL when necessary. The average age of our team members is 30. We consider this our advantage, as we are able to understand the ideas and needs of both younger and older people. We work at a speed of 55 words per minute.

Our Vision

We dream to be the most loved website design and development team in Estonia. We’re all about creating websites that are not only visually stunning but also super functional, helping businesses stand out online. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, turning their attention to awesome digital realities. Our goal? Pushing the boundaries of web design and development in Estonia, ensuring that our services not only look pretty but pack a powerful punch punch in performance. We’re on a mission to prove that great design and smart development can make a real difference in the digital world.

Branding & Design

We mix creativity, strategy, and a real knack for understanding your brand and the people you want to reach. Our team, filled with experienced pros, is all about getting in the trenches with you to craft a brand identity and visual style that really makes your business stand out. ⁤We’re all about making your brand stand out, ensuring it really speaks to your audience and reflects what you’re all about. By focusing on crafting a brand identity and designs that truly resonate, we lay the groundwork for your brand to shine.

Research & Development

At our agency, we’re convinced that great design starts with really getting to know your audience and what they need. That’s why we pour our energy into research and development, guiding our design work with deep insights and smart strategies. We’re all about going beyond just meeting expectations; we want to blow them away. Every project is our chance to show just how impactful thoughtful, informed design can be.

Our Approach

In our design agency, we believe that every design project should be treated as something special and deserves a unique, team-based approach. Here’s how we go about each project:

01. Brief

We kick things off with a deep understanding of what your business needs, its purpose and your vision for it. We gather detailed briefs by conducting close insightful interviews with you. This outlines what the project will cover, the timeline, and what we are aiming to achieve, ensuring we are all on the same page from the start.

02. Research

Once we’ve got the brief sorted, we dive into thorough research to really get to know your target audience, the industry you’re in, and who you’re up against. This stage gives our design process a solid foundation, enabling us to make creative choices that are backed up by real data and insights.

03. Creation

We start by getting a good feel for what you need and who your audience is. Then, it’s onto the fun creative bit. Our team comes up with a bunch of design ideas that fit your vision. We chat with you, tweak things based on your thoughts, and keep at it until we find the one that just clicks. It’s all about creating something that’s spot-on for you.