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Ready to elevate your business? Explore Mitra Consult’s top-tier web development services! From captivating online presence to sales-driven platforms, we offer a range of solutions tailored to your needs, be it a simple website or a robust e-commerce platform.

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Web Development Solutions

Welcome to Mitra Consult, your go-to for web development in Tallinn and all over Estonia. We love working with WordPress and creating custom websites that don’t just look good but work like a charm too. Our team is all about the latest in digital, making sure your website is as user-friendly as it gets. Starting something new or giving your online space a boost, we’ve got the WordPress skills to make your site shine.

E-commerce is our jam. We craft services that push your business to the next level. Whether it’s an e-commerce site that ramps up your sales or a custom project that shows off what makes your brand special, we’re all about excellence and bringing new ideas to life. Our approach covers everything you need for a winning online presence, making sure you stand out in the digital world.

Support and Maintenance

At Mitra Consult, we’re not just about building shiny new websites; we’re here to look after them too. We know websites need love and attention to keep them fresh and running smoothly. That’s why we’re all in when it comes to support and maintenance for your site, making sure it stays up to date with the latest and greatest in tech.

We’re proud to offer top-notch service and support, not just in Tallinn but everywhere. We take the time to really get what you and your business are aiming for, tailoring our help to fit just right. Whether you need a simple website tweak or a full-blown e-commerce setup, our team’s ready to jump in and bring your web dreams to life.

Want to know how Mitra Consult can boost your online presence? Get in touch and let’s chat about taking your digital game to the next level!


Specialising in WordPress development, we deliver bespoke websites that stand out in the digital sphere. Our expert team crafts solutions that are visually appealing and optimised for performance, user experience. Tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring your brand’s digital presence is robust, secure, and forefront of innovation.


We excel in e-commerce solutions, creating platforms that drive sales and enhance customer engagement. Integrating the latest online shopping technologies with custom design, our e-commerce sites are user-friendly and conversion-focused. Transform your online sales strategy with a platform designed for substantial growth and success.


Understanding the importance of website maintenance, we offer comprehensive support to ensure your site remains at peak performance. With regular updates, security checks, and technical optimisations, your website stays relevant and effective. Our team provides seamless ongoing assistance, making website upkeep stress-free and efficient.

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