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Boost your brand visibility with Mitra Consult’s professional graphic design services. Specialising in logos, branding, and marketing materials, our custom solutions engage audiences and elevate your brand identity. Discover tailored packaging and promotional design that resonates.
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Let’s get creative

We’re all about turning your brand’s story into something visually stunning. Right here in Tallinn and across Estonia, we offer custom branding, eye-catching marketing materials, and unique packaging designs. Our creative team loves playing with the latest trends to make designs that not only look great but also mean something special to you and your brand.

We’re here to make your visual identity unforgettable. Whether it’s designing beautiful brochures, making professional business cards, creating standout posters, or packaging, we’re all about bringing your brand’s story to life in the most engaging way possible.

Growing your brand

Design is just the start for us. We dive deep into what makes your brand tick, developing a look and feel that truly shows off what you stand for. A brand is so much more than just a logo or a colour scheme; it’s about sharing your story, connecting with your audience, and standing out from the crowd.

We work together, listening and adapting, to make sure your brand grows and stays fresh. Keeping up with the latest design trends and what your audience loves, we make sure your brand keeps shining.

Let’s work together to make your brand something people will remember. At Mitra Consult, we believe in the power of great design and genuine branding to make a difference. Reach out and let’s start creating visual stories that stick.

Join us on this creative journey in Tallinn to give your brand a whole new look. With Mitra Consult, let’s create something amazing together.


Bring your brand to life with logos that tell your story. Memorable designs that make your first impression count.


Discover brochures that speak volumes. From services to stories, we design to captivate your audience.


Posters that make people stop and look. Perfect for any event or promotion, designed to stand out.

Business cards

Make every meeting memorable with standout business cards. Professional designs that reflect your identity

Product design

Turning ideas into beautiful, functional products. Design that blends innovation with your vision.


Keep your brand in sight all year. Custom calendars designed to highlight your company every day.

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