Minimalist Calendar 2021

Mitra Consult Minimal Calendar 2021


Our 2021 calendar stands as a testament to minimalist print design. Emphasising clean lines and readability, this calendar strips away the superfluous, focusing on what truly matters—clear presentation of days and months. It’s an ideal blend of form and function, designed to cater to both contemporary aesthetics and everyday practicality. The concept was to create a print calendar that not only organises your year but also complements any workspace with its modern design. Utilising a crisp, white-and-navy colour palette, this calendar delivers a refreshing visual clarity, making it a staple of design-conscious individuals and professionals alike.


Crafting this calendar, Adobe InDesign’s advanced layout tools were pivotal in achieving a precise and orderly structure. Each month is neatly arranged, ensuring the dates are prominent and the overall look is uncluttered. The software’s typographic control allowed us to maintain consistency and elegance across all elements of the calendar. InDesign’s seamless interface enabled our designers to experiment with spacing and alignment, ensuring the calendar’s visual harmony. The result is a product that reflects MitraConsult’s dedication to quality print design, offering a functional and stylish calendar that stands out for its simplicity and utility.