Kachka Restaurant Menu

Kachka Restaurant Menu Front


The menu for Kachka, a Ukrainian cuisine restaurant in Tallinn, was designed with the intent to offer patrons a taste of authentic Ukrainian dishes in a concise and approachable format. Reflecting the name ‘Kachka’, which translates to ‘duck’ in Ukrainian, the menu aimed to highlight specialty dishes, inviting guests to dive into a culinary journey. The simplicity of the one-page design was key, allowing customers to easily scan the offerings and make their selections without being overwhelmed.


The creation of the menu utilised Adobe InDesign, favoured for its precision and design flexibility. The process began with curating the list of dishes to feature the best of Kachka’s Ukrainian recipes. We then focused on creating a layout that would present the items in an organised manner while keeping the design clean and elegant.

We opted for a minimalist approach, using ample white space to enhance readability and a well-defined structure that categorised the dishes into sections. Typography was selected to reflect the rustic yet sophisticated vibe of the restaurant, and subtle illustrations were incorporated to add character and a hint of Ukrainian cultural elements without cluttering the space.

Careful attention was given to the flow of the menu, ensuring a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The final design achieved a seamless blend of tradition and modernity, encapsulating Kachka’s essence and inviting guests to experience the warmth and richness of Ukrainian cooking.

Kachka Restaurant Menu Side
Kachka Restaurant Menu Angle
Kachka Restaurant Menu Front