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  • Web redesign
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build
  • Elementor Theme Builder


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  • WordPress Build


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Project Info


We got this project with a request to make website modern with a use of new technology.

Previously it was done via custom code. It served it’s needs, though there were some drawbacks with it. For instance there were issues when it came to a need to update content of website. Without special knowledge client could not do it himself and was required to use external services. As well as menu was published as simple .pdf file making it hard to read from mobile device.


After going through design and style preferences with the client it was decided to use Elementor Theme Builder for the project.

It allowed us to make website faster as well as gave access to modify website by the client when it came to a need.

We have built a special page for the menu, making it easy to navigate from mobile device. As well as we implemented contact form for the clients to get in contact and book restaurant.

For a better view on how the food looks it was decided to create additional page specifically for it.

Website Redesign

GC Gastrobar Website Redesign

GC Gastrobar is a small restaurant in the heart of Tallinn old town. With uncomplicated quality food and drinks made by the head chef Daniel serving different tastes from all over the world.

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