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The menu for Food’s, a family restaurant in Norway, was designed to embody the restaurant’s philosophy of simplicity and excellence in its culinary offerings. With an emphasis on fresh, tasty, and simply prepared food using Sous Vide technology and a josper grill, the menu needed to reflect the high-quality and straightforward approach that Food’s is known for. The design aimed to make the menu easy to read, allowing customers to quickly understand the options and make their selections in a relaxed environment.


Adobe InDesign was chosen for its robust layout capabilities, ideal for creating clear, organized menus. We began by outlining the structure of the menu, categorizing dishes into sections like Breakfast, Snacks, and Soups to guide the customer’s journey through the offerings. Each section was clearly delineated, with ample white space around the text to enhance readability.

The typography was carefully selected to be inviting and easy on the eyes, supporting the restaurant’s aim for a straightforward dining experience. The use of simple, clean lines and minimalistic design elements helped keep the focus on the food descriptions and prices.

Graphic touches were subtly incorporated to reflect the fresh and natural ingredients used in the kitchen, aligning with the restaurant’s commitment to quality. The final design was a clean, user-friendly menu that complemented the welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere of Food’s, making it an ideal guide for patrons to explore the delicious and health-conscious options available.

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Food's Menu Two Pages