Emerald Calendar 2024

Mitra Consult Green Calendar 2024


The ‘Emerald Annual’ is a contemporary calendar that captures the essence of the year 2024 in a single glance. Designed with both elegance and utility in mind, it boasts a streamlined aesthetic with a deep emerald hue that communicates sophistication. The layout is intentionally simple, ensuring ease of reading and maximum functionality for tracking important dates. With a focus on minimalism, the ‘Emerald Annual’ offers a tranquil alternative to the typically busy calendar. It’s a visual retreat from the clutter of daily life, designed to be as calming as it is useful. This calendar is perfect for those seeking a blend of design finesse and practicality in their time management tools.


The creation of the ‘Emerald Annual’ was a precise endeavour, achieved through the advanced layout and typography tools of Adobe InDesign. This allowed for a meticulous alignment of dates and a crisp presentation of months. InDesign’s versatility was key in applying the subtle gradient background, giving the calendar a depth that mimics the layers of time. Our design process emphasises a balance between aesthetics and readability, which is crucial in print calendar design. Every aspect of the ‘Emerald Annual’ was refined to ensure a visually pleasing and highly functional end product. It exemplifies Mitra Consult’s commitment to innovation in the realm of print design calendars.
Mitra Consult Green Calendar 2024