Creative Calendar 2022

Mitra Consult Moder Calendar 2022


The Creative Calendar by Mitra Consult breaks the mould with its innovative design approach. It captures the essence of modernity, showcasing the months in an overlapping fashion that speaks to the interconnectedness of time. The visually arresting layout is intended to make users engage with the concept of time in a more reflective and creative manner. In this design, typography is not just a means of displaying dates but becomes part of the aesthetic appeal. The overlapping technique symbolises the way our lives intersect with time, providing a fresh perspective on the traditional calendar. This design invites contemplation and serves as a reminder of time’s fluidity.


The creation of the Creative Calendar was facilitated by the robust features of Adobe InDesign, which allowed for meticulous layering and alignment of text. The software’s precision tools enabled us to execute a complex design with clean lines and clear readability, ensuring that aesthetics never compromise functionality. Our process emphasised the synthesis of art and practicality, ensuring that this print calendar design serves as both a planning tool and a conversation piece. The final result is a calendar that not only organises dates but also inspires creativity and thought in its use, aligning with Mitra Consult’s vision for innovative print design solutions.