Capoeira Porto da Barra

Capoeira Tallinn Project Cover


  • Website design
  • UI/UX
  • Website build
  • E-Commerce


  • 12 Pages
  • Images
  • Icons
  • Styleguide
  • Divi ThemeBuilder
  • Client panel
  • Vipps Integration
  • Custom delivery methods
  • Product page design


  • Optimisation
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Blog
  • Vipps Integration


We set out to make Capoeira Tallinn’s website a standout in the digital space. Inspired by capoeira’s deep roots and energy, we aimed to create a WordPress site that really shows what this martial art is about. Using Divi Theme Builder, we designed a site that looks great and works well on search engines. It’s packed with useful info like class schedules and event news, all easy to find.

At the heart of our work was making sure the site is user-friendly and reflects the passion of Capoeira Tallinn’s instructors. We wanted a site that’s not just beautiful but also ranks well on search engines, helping Capoeira Tallinn stand out. Our mix of design, practicality, and SEO ensures the site appeals to capoeira fans and attracts newcomers too.


For Capoeira Tallinn’s website, we chose WordPress and the Divi Theme. WordPress is easy to use and great for SEO. Divi let us change the design easily, making everything from the logo to the colors just right. We made sure the site was easy to use and good for Google search, focusing on the important stuff like meta tags and keywords. We also added a blog. It’s a cool place for tips and news about capoeira, helping our site stay fresh and easy to find online. Thanks to WordPress, Divi, and our smart SEO, Capoeira Tallinn’s website really stands out. It’s not just about showing capoeira; it’s about bringing more people into the capoeira family.
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