BBCRiga Project Cover


  • Website redesign
  • UI/UX
  • Website build


  • 130 Pages
  • Images
  • Icons
  • Styleguide
  • WordPress Build


  • Optimisation
  • Analytics


Discover the transformation of a client’s website, originally developed on a traditional CMS by a different web design agency. Initially, the website showed promise but soon revealed significant limitations in system customisation and user control. Clients found themselves restricted, only able to edit specific sections of their site, leading to frequent calls to developers for essential updates. Recognising these challenges, our experts conducted a detailed analysis and identified a powerful solution: migrating to WordPress. Our recommendation comes from deep experience with WordPress, a platform known for giving users unparalleled control, flexibility, and the ability to seamlessly add new features. This transition to WordPress empowers our client with a website that’s not only more adaptable and intuitive but also significantly enhances their ability to manage content and engage with their audience directly. Opting for WordPress means accessing a more dynamic, scalable, and SEO-optimised platform, perfectly suited to evolving business needs. Our client now enjoys a website that offers greater independence in managing updates, superior customisation capabilities, and an improved overall user experience. This strategic move lays a solid foundation for growth, ensuring their online presence is robust, user-friendly, and ready to adapt to future demands.


After an in-depth analysis and in collaboration with our client, we decided to continue employing Divi Page Builder for our WordPress development project. This approach significantly reduces the necessity for additional plugins, leading to enhanced page loading speeds—a crucial aspect for SEO performance. Moreover, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign, updating all website images and revising the navigation to adhere to the latest design standards.

In 2023, BBCRiga SIA returned to us for further advancements in web development. During this phase, we introduced an aesthetically engaging Mega Menu to prominently display the company’s services. We also increased the website’s page count to accommodate the growing amount of content, meticulously refined the SEO strategies for improved online visibility, and incorporated extra design features to enrich the user interface.

Remarkably, despite the website’s expansion to over 130 pages, it continued to offer an exceptional user experience. Our steadfast commitment to utilising Divi Page Builder in our WordPress development efforts was key in reducing the reliance on unnecessary plugins, thereby enhancing the site’s loading speed. By refreshing all visuals and updating the navigation system, we not only met but surpassed current design and usability standards, resulting in significant client satisfaction and an increase in website traffic.