BBCCoworking Project Cover


  • Website design
  • UI/UX
  • Website build
  • Logo styling


  • Single page
  • Images
  • Icons
  • Styleguide
  • Divi ThemeBuilder


  • Optimisation
  • Analytics
  • SEO


The BBC Coworking project aimed to craft a single-page website with Divi Theme Builder, focusing on a user-friendly experience that consolidates key information about the coworking space. This approach prioritizes simplicity and accessibility, allowing visitors to smoothly explore services, location, and booking details in one seamless scroll.

This design strategy enhances the site’s SEO by ensuring that essential coworking space information is immediately accessible, improving user engagement and search engine rankings. The use of Divi Theme Builder facilitated the creation of a visually appealing and coherent online presence, aligning with the project’s goal of a comprehensive yet straightforward user experience.


The creation of BBC Coworking’s website involved a comprehensive aesthetic revamp and logo enhancement to mirror its modern ethos. Adopting a single-page layout streamlined the user experience, offering immediate access to all content with a simple scroll. This approach, supported by Divi’s adaptability, enabled an effective blend of visuals and text, clearly showcasing the coworking space’s value proposition and enhancing the website’s SEO performance by improving user engagement and accessibility.

BBCCoworking Landing Page